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Jannelle Fazio

Live Beyond Team Member
I'm a middle-aged young adult who believes that life is meant to be lived. I'm married to the man of my dreams, Jim, and together we have two teens, Cassie (almost 18) and Alex (16). I'm a Registered Nurse of more than 30 years, specializing in cardiac electrophysiology and implantable cardiac devices. I love travel and excellent food but derive my greatest joy in spending time in the great outdoors, especially in the mountains. I have a passion for introducing others to the Savior who has spared no expense to be my Friend.
I choose to attend Boulder because I have found here a community of believers who uphold Jesus as the central tenet of religion. Not " Jesus and..." or Jesus if..." or Jesus but..." but "Jesus. All" We together strive to bring Jesus' love to not only the lives of those who attend our church, but those in our community.
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