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Welcome to Boulder Adventist Church Attendee Information Page! 


Our COVID-19 Safety and Response Committee has configured the protocol necessary to open our doors to our community to safely allow us to worship in the building once again. Our choice to reopen is based upon the information available to us at this time, and is subject to change as the number of COVID cases is altered over the next few weeks.

Please check out the Requirements for Attending menu option to see the updated mask and social distancing requirements.

As always, keep us in your prayers as we continue to lift you up in ours. Be well until we see you again!

If you cannot join us in person, you can join us for the Livestream on YouTube!

Requirements for Attending

COVID-19 Protocol

In light of the recent and upcoming changes proposed in Boulder County, beginning on June 12, Boulder Church will be putting into place the following Protocols on the recommendation of the COVID-19 Safety& Response Committee:

  • Masks will no longer be required  to be worn indoors during the worship services or Adult Connect Groups. It is however strongly suggested that those who are unvaccinated still be cautions and wear a mask. 
  • Registrations will no longer be required for members/partners to attend Sabbath Worship Services. 
  • Contact Tracing Questions and temperature checks will no longer be required before entering the building. 
  • Social distancing will be coordinated in church pews and in Connect Groups. Members/Partners should remain 6 feet apart from others inside or outside of the building and at least 3 feet apart during church services and Connect Groups inside of church property.
  • Members/Partners are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the worship service, including singing, as they are comfortable doing so. 
  • Children's Connect Groups are permitted to continue indoors inasmuch as the provided air purifiers are operating on the highest setting, windows are open, and air circulators are functioning. 
    • Those entering the Camp Sanitas hallway and classrooms are requested to wear a mask, but parents may decide for themselves and their children as to whether or not to follow this request as they see fit.
      • It is noted that the CDC has not provided vaccination options for anyone under the age of 12 years old and therefore any precautions that can be taken to protect children while participating in indoor events should be taken. 
    • Teachers, assistants, and musicians in all Camp Sanitas classes will be required to be vaccinated before leading out in the classroom. 
  • The pastoral staff will evaluate the elements of the service and as soon we are able, we will begin to re-introduce resources and programs back into the service, which include, but are not limited to: 
    • Live Worship Music
    • Children's Activity Bags
    • Communion Services
    • Fellowship Lunches
    • Kids Life Story
    • Refreshments


Additional Information

  • Due to a Public Health Order of the CDC, it is advised that anyone eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccinations do so to protect yourself and others from contracting or spreading the virus. 


  • During the "Clear" Phase of this pandemic, the public safety guidelines provided by the State of Colorado request that anyone over the age of 65 (unless vaccinated) consider not attending any public gatherings at this time as your age presents a greater risk of experiencing adverse symptoms to COVID-19 were the virus to be transmitted to you. 


  • During the hours in which visitors are inside of the building, exhaust fans will be running and all windows will be ajar to allow for proper air circulation regardless of season or outside temperature. We will do all that we can regulate the temperature inside, but please dress accordingly.


  • To allow for the use of the exhaust fan in the Sanctuary, the center projector will not be operational. Instead both side projectors will be used for any visual presentations.


  • Tithe and offering will continue to be collected using the receptacles available at the rear of the Sanctuary as before. 


  • Hand sanitizer will still be available throughout the building for your use. 


  • The building will continue to be cleaned and sanitized between each use on Sabbath to ensure the safety of our members and visitors.
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