Community Collective

People were created to live in community, sharing our joys and supporting each other through difficult times. Faith, worship, and discipleship are best experienced in community, as wholistic efforts to make God central to our lives. The Bible is filled with stories of God calling us back to Him and urging us to love each other (Deuteronomy 6:5; Leviticus 19:18; and Matthew 22:36–40).

Community collectives, headquartered at Boulder Church, are a call to intimate community in the style of the early Christian church. People looked after one another, taking an active interest in each other’s lives and holding each accountable. In the name of Jesus, communities can be transformed because individual lives have been transformed. In the early twenty-first century, we are more connected (by technology) than people have ever been before, yet we are also more disconnected socially. Many of us experience great loneliness. Community collectives are a way to build greater connections with friends, neighbors, colleagues, and fellow Christians. These groups have one single agenda: to create a community of people who are there for each other. Collectives will feed and transform your lives, your families, your neighborhoods, your churches, your schools, and your workplaces.

Starting a Community Collective

Collectives can take many forms, depending on the needs and interests of the members. Ideally, a collective would be made up of at least 2–3 families or 2–3 friends who are willing to meet together on a regular basis. Members might take turns hosting —a fondue party, a BBQ, a potluck picnic, a tea party, a game or movie night. Try to choose locations that minimize travel time.

Boulder Church is happy to help you in forming a collective in your local area. Contact us and we will connect you with others in your area who are interested in the same thing.

Helping Community Collectives Develop

The best ideas are often born of the experience. As you work on developing your own collective, take note of the things that worked well and those that did not. Share your experiences with the Boulder Church leadership team and we will share them with others as we continue to grow together. Take photographs of your events to inspire others. 

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