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The Daily Walk is built around the message series at Boulder Adventist Church. Each week we provide a daily Bible study that you can follow in preparation for the message on Sabbath.

Daily Walk - How To Use Guide

The Daily Walk is built around the message series at Boulder Adventist Church in conjunction with several other Churches. Each week, we provide a daily Bible study that you can do by yourself, with your friends and family, or in your life group. The studies are available both online and printed as a hard copy that you can collect at church the week before the message is preached. 


  1. Refresh: 2 Corinthians informs us that the Holy Spirit leads us to truth, so we pray for His guidance before we begin to read or reflect.
  2. Read: Each day, you will read the passage of the week in a different translation or paraphrase. These are provided through online links. The references are provided in the hard copy, but you will need to invest in three versions of the Bible in order to find them this way. As you read, take note of 1–3 insights or questions. These can be used in addition to or instead of the recalibrate questions provided. 
  3. Reflect: Context is critical, and we will provide some—along with possible applications that will help you as you try to determine the message God has for you through the passages you’ve read.
  4. Recalibrate: These suggested questions seem worth processing, but do not feel pressured to answer or address all of them. Some are practical and focused on family and children. You may also come up with questions of your own that are more relevant to your life and situation. 
  5. Respond: Close each study with prayer and a challenge for how you will apply what you’ve learned to your circle (those closest to you) and community (those you interact with at work, school, etc.). 
  6. Research: If you have time, we provide a few suggestions for further study. We also include a reading list for the sermon series. 


Developing a sermon series requires endless hours of careful prayer, study, research, and conversation. Even so, a sermon has limits in terms of how much it can address. Some of you are keen to extend the sermon topic much further, going into greater depth than can typically be accomplished in 30–40 minutes. Begin by reading the Bible broadly. Look for connections between the story you are studying and other Bible stories. Use the cross references in the margins of your Bible to explore the possible applications of each text. Read the relevant sections of 2–3 Bible commentaries. Listen to a variety of sermons addressing the subject area to discover the interpretations and insights different speakers have brought to the text. If you find a great book on the subject, look at the author’s list of references for more books and articles you could explore. 


Your faith will grow and you will become stronger disciples of Jesus through engaging in daily Bible study. The more time you spend in the Word (Bible), the more it will point you to the Truth (Jesus). 

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