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Our COVID-19 Safety and Response Committee has configured the protocol necessary to open our doors to our community to safely allow us to worship in the building once again. Registration opens every Thursday at 9 a.m. and there are limited seats. If you would like to register please visit If you would like to know more about what is required before you register or if this is your first time visiting, please visit the Requirements for Attending menu option on this page. Anyone not on the registration list will not be permitted to enter the building under order of the State of Colorado, so please check that you are confirmed before attending. 

Please enter the church at the North entrance, off the parking lot at Maxwell and 4th!

Our choice to reopen is based upon the information available to us at this time, and is subject to change as the number of COVID cases is altered over the next few weeks.

As always, keep us in your prayers as we continue to lift you up in ours. Be well until we see you again!

If you cannot join us in person, you can join us for the Livestream on YouTube!

For more information on the regulations for houses of worship in Boulder County visit

Requirements for Attending

Attendee Requirements

COVID-19 Protocol

  • In order to abide by the protocols in place in Boulder County, a registration system has been put in place to reserve “tickets” for each service. Beginning on the week of October 3, a limited amount of reserved spaces will be released to the public using the Registration app on Planning Center Online. After the designated number of seats have been filled, the service is full and no additional seats will be made available for that service.


  • As required by the Boulder County Public Health Department and the State of Colorado, masks/face coverings are required for anyone on church property for the entirety of their visit. If you do not have a mask/face covering of your own, own will be provided to you.

This includes anything outside of a personal vehicle in the parking lot, inside or out of the building, during the worship service, while traveling throughout the hallways, and while participating in Connect Groups.  If you willfully remove your mask/face covering at any point during your your visit, a Deacon/Usher/Staff Member will request that you place the mask over your face. If a request must be reiterated, you will be asked to leave.  


  • Visitors should remain 6 feet apart from anyone they are not actively quarantined with inside or outside of the building while on church property.


  • During the service, please refrain from singing during the Special Music segment as there is an increased risk of spreading aerosol droplets to those surrounding you beyond six feet.


  • Bathrooms are only be used one person or one family unit at a time.


  • Visitors are to check the signage at the entrance to the parking lot to confirm whether or not they are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19 and decide on whether or not they should travel on to the property.


  • Upon arrival, visitors will need to check in with the Attendant at the entrance to the building where they will be asked a series of questions relating to their health before being admitted into the building. Information will be stored in a secure Google Drive folder which will only be accessible by the Staff. Files will only be stored for 21 days before being deleted permanently.


  • During the service, two photos will be taken of the congregation seated inside each room so as to provide a method for exposure notifications were there to be a visitor whom reports that they have symptoms related to COVID-19. These photos will be stored in a secure Google Drive file accessible only by the staff, will not be shared publicly, and will be deleted once the mandated contract tracing period has expired for that service.


  • If it is reported that someone has contracted COVID-19 and was seated near you or a member of your quarantine family, you will be notified immediately of a potential need for you to be tested.


  • In following social distancing guidelines, the Sanctuary seating has been arranged in such a way that certain pews are unavailable while others have been sectioned off for specific seating needs.


  • While our worship service will begin at 9:30am on Sabbath, please make arrangements to arrive early to allow for the above systems checks to be facilitated before the service begins.


  • In order to decrease the chances of the spread of the virus, we will not be offering any of our regular refreshment items in the foyer at this time. Please make arrangements to bring your own breakfast/coffee/etc. or eat ahead of your arrival.


  • Upon entering the building, please follow the directional arrows on the floor throughout the building so as to avoid passing anyone in the aisles or in the hallways.


  • Please refrain from engaging in any form of physical touch (handshakes, hugging, etc.).


  • Each participant will receive a microphone and after use each microphone used by members will be wiped down with an alcohol swab in between uses to ensure the safety of our platform participants. The headset microphones used by our pastoral staff are designated for use by one single user and will be sanitized between uses each week. Guest speakers will be given a headset microphone which has been thoroughly sanitized before use.


  • To allow for the best use of time and space, our services have been modified to fit the needs of our services in this time of the pandemic. Because of that, we will no longer be including the Kids Life section of our service. Additionally, we will only be offering one worship song (which will be performed by a single worship leader as a “special music” piece where audience participation is forbidden. As we are able to expand the use of the platform, we have plans to include a second (non-singing) musician to the stage for the worship section of the service.


  • It is requested that you do not approach any of the desk spaces where our audio/ProPresenter/LiveStream/Camera operators are working as there is only enough space inside of each area for one person to abide by the six feet of social distancing required.


  • During the hours in which visitors are inside of the building, exhaust fans will be running and all windows will be ajar to allow for proper air circulation regardless of season or outside temperature. We will do all that we can regulate the temperature inside, but please dress accordingly.


  • To allow for the use of the exhaust fan in the Sanctuary, the center projector will not be operational. Instead both side projectors will be used for any visual presentations.


  • Tithe and offering will be collected using the receptacles available at the rear of the Sanctuary as before.


  • Sensors have been installed inside of the Sanctuary to monitor the CO2 levels which will be checked regularly by the Ushers and Deacons. If readings increase to a level above 600 parts per million, adjustments may be made to reduce the levels.


  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building for your use. 


  • The building will be cleaned and sanitized between each use on Sabbath to ensure the safety of our members and visitors.


  • At this time, Connect Groups will not be conducted inside of the building. The COVID-19 Safety & Response Committee is working on a proposal to host all of our Connect Groups outdoors during the month of October starting on the 10th (weather permitting) while we work on a strategy to bring our Connect Groups together inside of the building as the weather shifts.
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