The Journey - September 9, 2023

1 Thessalonians

Teacher: Mark Johnson

First Thessalonians may have been the first book of the New Testament ever written; it's either that or James. There's a lot in the 1st Thessalonians about sanctification. As Adventists, we spend a lot of time on sanctification. We will spend some time between justification and sanctification and what all that means.

Also, Thessalonians were beginning to get depressed because some of their loved ones were dying and they were afraid that they were not going to be able to see the coming of the Lord. As a young Adventist boy, I was scared to death of the coming of the Lord and probably would have rather be dead. How do we feel about the coming of the Lord? Do we want to be alive and see that and go through the last days?

We will then talk about the life, the death and the resurrection of Christ. We know what the life did - taught us how we should live. The death - forgave our sins. What really does the resurrection mean?

Listen to the book of 1 Thessalonians from BibleGateway: ESVKJVMSGNIVNKJV

Short Outline of the Book of 1 Thessalonians from the Today's English Version:

  • Introduction (1:1)
  • Gratitude and praise (1:2 – 3:13)
  • Exhortation to Christian conduct (4:1-12)
  • Instructions about the coming of Christ (4:13 – 5:11)
  • Final exhortations (5:12-22)
  • Conclusion (5:23-28)
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