The Journey - June 10, 2023

Acts 18:23 - 21:16

Teacher: Won Huh

Next week, we read about Paul’s third missionary journey, about 2500 miles through Asia Minor and Europe – about half of that on land by foot and half by sea.

There were a couple of discussions about receiving the baptism of John vs. being baptized by the Holy Spirit. What was that all about? Were there any differences? Is one better than the other? Which baptism have you received?

Why was Paul so stubbornly determined to go to Jerusalem even though the Holy Spirit was telling him directly and through the warnings of his fellow believers that he would face imprisonment and hardship there?

Listen to the book of Acts from BibleGateway: ESVKJVMSGNIVNKJV

Short Outline of the Book of Acts from the Today's English Version:

  • Preparation for the witness (1:1-26)
    • Jesus’ last command and promise (1:1-14)
    • The successor of Judas (1:15-26)
  • The witness in Jerusalem (2:1 – 8:3)
  • The witness in Judea and Samaria (8:4 – 12:25)
  • The ministry of Paul (13:1 – 28:31)
    • The first missionary journey (13:1 – 14:28)
    • The conference in Jerusalem (15:1-35)
    • The second missionary journey (15:36 – 18:22)
    • The third missionary journey (18:23 – 21:16)
    • Paul a prisoner in Jerusalem, Caesarea, and Rome (21:17 – 28:31)
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