The Journey - May 13, 2023

John 9 - 12

Teacher: Gordy Gates

We're going to do an alternative way to look for Jesus - that is, we're going to look for ways to miss Jesus in John, Chapters 9 - 12. Please fill out the following for next week:

Ways to miss Jesus

Man born blind - John 9 & 10

Lazarus - John 11

Jesus anointed / entry into Jerusalem - John 12

We're going to peel back the layers on John 9 - 12 and diagram how people missed Jesus in these stories. As you read these stories, you'll see how very easily we miss seeing Jesus. We'll spend most of our time on John chapters 9 & 10.

Listen to the book of John from BibleGateway: ESVKJVMSGNIVNKJV

Short Outline of the Book of John from the Today's English Version:

  • Prologue (1:1-18)
  • John the Baptist and the first disciples of Jesus (1:19-51)
  • Jesus’ public ministry (2:1 – 12:50)
  • The last days in and near Jerusalem (13:1 – 19:42)
  • The resurrection and appearances of the Lord (20:1-31)
  • Epilogue: another appearance in Galilee (21:1-25)
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