The One Project
Jesus. All.

We are often asked to explain the secret of the One project’s success. The temptation sometimes is to focus on the tangible results, the attention to detail, the passion for the experience.

Yet the truth resides far deeper, embedded in the hearts of those who were called by Jesus to forge this journey—for our Church, for our communities, for our families, and for our lives. In planning this final gathering, Alex, Paddy, Sam, Tim, and Japhet sat around a breakfast table and simply wept with deep gratitude—each remembering different people and moments that have shaped the last seven years and filled our lives profoundly.

We are grateful to the Church administrators who publicly supported us in lifting up the name of Jesus no matter the consequences. These include Ron Carlson, John Freedman, and Sandy Roberts, as well as many other others at all levels of the Church structure.

We are grateful to the creatives in our Church who relentlessly gave their energy to shaping the look and feel of the gatherings, and took countless photographs that we will treasure forever. These include Delwin Finch, Timothy Floyd, Ame Fowler, Bryan Fowler, and Zan Long, who not only said children deserve to see Jesus. All.—but actually made it happen by forming TOP kids.

We are grateful to our fellow pastors, who used their own personal resources and circles of influence— against the counsel of many—to preach, attend, and bring others to gatherings. At times, they risked their own futures and reputations.

We are grateful to the core inner circle of visionary leaders whose patience and counsel provided safe places to process complex pressures. These include Tim Blackwelder, Dilys Brooks, David Crooker, Gordy Gates, Diane Johnson, Mark Johnson, Rod Long, Chris Self, Lee Sherwood, Danni Sherwood, Kevin Welch, and many more.

We are grateful for the foresight of our brother Terry Swenson, who called us to be open and honest back in Denver in 2010, and was the father of our recalibration moments at every gathering. We are also grateful to all the facilitators who led out at the tables and made the experience so much more meaningful to those in attendance.

We are grateful to the incredible students of La Sierra University and Walla Walla University who volunteered as staff for every North American gathering.

We are grateful to our families for sticking with us over the last seven years as we journeyed on this quest to discover how Jesus. All. should be lived out.

We are grateful to every single person who bought a ticket, every person who made a donation, and every person who took the time to attend a gathering. You made the One project special.

Most of all, we are grateful to Jesus Christ who gave His life for each of us. We are honored to have the privilege of being His disciples.

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