Village Exchange Center Help
One of our own members, Peter Vercio, has been volunteering with an organization called Village Exchange Center which cares for up to one thousand immigrant and refugee families per week in Aurora. With Coronavirus hitting hard, many immigrant students are no longer attending the schools where they receive healthy meals every day, and job opportunities for parents are lacking. Peter has asked that Boulder Church help out with donations for their weekly food drive to provide much-needed resources.

How Can We Help?

1) You can donate here - Boulder Church has added a line item in our usual giving area for this ministry.

2) You can donate directly to the center here.

3) You can order supplies to be delivered to our church via the "InstaCart" app. Simply tell the delivery person to drop off supplies in the donation box by the parking lot door. The delivery address would be 345 Mapleton Ave., Boulder, CO 80304. (If you are not familiar with Instacart, Rebecca Murdock is happy to help via phone at: 978-895-2760.)


What Can We Give? 

You may give non-perishables as you’d like, however a guide to giving is categorized by your last name: 

(A-M) Rice, Beans, Bread, Corn Meal, Peanut Butter, Whole Wheat Crackers, Nuts/Trail Mixes, Cereal, Granola/Power Bars, Dried Fruits, Canned Tuna/Salmon/Chicken/Turkey, Jerky, Canned Vegetables, Canned Soups/Chili, Bottled Water, Sports Drinks—Gatorade/Powerade, Powdered Milk, Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Multivitamins; 

(N-Z) Diapers Toilet Paper Women’s Hygiene Products Personal Hygiene Wipes Cough Drops Chapstick Store Gift Cards (Pharmacies) Hand Sanitizer Vicks VaporRub. 

Find out more about the Village Exchange Center and what they do for immigrants here. Thank you for your contributions!

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