At every level of our organization, we are committed to creating places for people to connect with God.

Brittany Mclachlan

Vista Ridge Academy Board Chair

Boulder Church is truly home for me.  I was dedicated and baptized at Boulder Church.  My husband and I met while attending the church school.  We have grown up being involved, seeing the church grow, and now raising our own son at Boulder Church.  Brayden was dedicated in 2015 and we love that both sets of our parents are members, our siblings, our friends - it is home away from home.  I choose Boulder Church because it is home.  I knew that when I was away for college and I came back it was like a reunion.  I know that if I miss a couple weeks my church family checks in with me.  I know that I can depend on my church family. 

I was a teacher for six years at HMS Richards Elementary. During the summers I would photograph newborns, kids, families and now weddings! I have been a photographer since 2012 and love being able to meet new people, share a piece of their life story and capture those memories! The ministry of meeting families and being part of those most precious times of their live is such a dream come true! 

I choose to partner with Boulder because...

  • it is home.
  • we believe in Children's Ministry! 
  • we believe in Jesus and want our children to know Him.  
  • it has roots and the dedication to make it a place where all people can worship. 

Faith Engagement Leadership Roles

  • Beginners
  • Elders Board
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Vision Board
  • Vista Ridge Academy School Board 
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