This Week - January 15

Dear Boulder Church Family,

We seem to be at a critical point in the Covid pandemic, an idea seemingly confirmed by how many of us have recently been exposed to the Omicron variant. In light of this, Pastor J, Dr.  Mark Johnson, and myself believe we need to take some extra steps this week to assure our service is as safe as possible.

As I mentioned last Sabbath, Gable has been Covid positive in our house, and even Alicia has shown mild symptoms, despite having Covid herself in November. I have not shown symptoms, but clearly I have been exposed. In addition, our music teams also have varying levels of exposure right now, and likely will not be available this Sabbath.

We debated whether or not we should cancel the live service this week, but decided instead to go ahead with a modified service that takes into account what has been happening. Here is what that means. We will not sing this week, as singing has been shown to be a highly effective way to spread Covid. All who speak up front will do so with masks on, and we will reduce the service to just the least risky elements, meaning one person at a time on the platform (no Kids Life). In addition, we strongly urge everyone who decides to come to adhere to proper mask wearing throughout the service (that means over mouth and nose).

In light of this, we encourage each of you to consider if this might not be a good week to join online, particularly if you are in an at-risk category. Those categories include, but are not limited to: families with young children, older members, any unvaccinated and un-boosted members, those with other conditions that make them more vulnerable. You know your situation, and we encourage you to be wise in this time.  

As has been mentioned before, Camp Sanitas classes are already on hold. Any decision regarding adult Connect Groups will be made by the leaders of the groups. Because the service is reduced this week, it is likely the adult Connect Groups could start earlier than normal, if they want, a decision that is completely up to each group.

I hope this message has found you in good health, but if not, let us know so that we can be praying for you. It is my hope that this variant which is coming on so quickly will also depart quickly. We will see what happens. For now this announcement applies only to this week, but we will monitor where we are by next Sabbath and let everyone know.

Thanks for your cooperation and patience.  

Pastor Geoff

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