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Cherie Eickmann

Cherie Appleton Eickmann is Elder for Live Beyond Branch and Connect Group. She has been a member of Boulder Seventh-day Adventist church for almost 14 years and her family has found great support in Boulder’s church family.

After spending over ten years with her children and navigating the world of special needs Cherie returned to her career as a general dentist. She obtained her DDS from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, and studied Biology in undergraduate at all three west coast Seventh-day Adventist institutions, Pacific Union College, Walla Walla University and La Sierra University.

Cherie was born in Loma Linda, CA and raised near there, with short stents in Oregon and Seattle. She is married to Tom Eickmann who is an orthopedic surgeon and they have three children, Tom, Xander and Cassandra.


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  • Live Beyond ages 10-12 Connect Group
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