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Geoff Patterson

Senior Pastor

Geoff Patterson, our Senior Pastor, spent 9 1/2 years serving as senior pastor of the Forest Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church, a 3,800 member congregation in Apopka, FL. His wife Alicia is a religion professor at AdventHealth University. They have four children, two daughters-in-law, and two granddaughters. Prior to Forest Lake, the Patterson’s served in Marietta, GA, Yakima, WA, and Fairfax, VA. Both Geoff and Alicia have served as pastors, though most recently Alicia has been teaching. Prior to both attending seminary, Geoff worked for five years as a Chemical Engineer, and Alicia started an elementary school in Paducah, KY. The Pattersons consider themselves to be so blessed to have had such rich experiences in service to the Lord.

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