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Stephanie López

Finance Committee Member

Stephanie López was the Finance Manager and Treasurer at Boulder Church from February 2021 to February 2023. She also services as a teacher for the Beginners connect group.


When Stephanie arrived with her family to Boulder Church for the first time in 2018, she and her husband felt like they found a future home for their small kids to connect and grow spiritually. She has always viewed the church as an extension to her family and they were drawn to the supportive community that the church provides.


Stephanie has lived in Colorado since 2001. She grew up in Brighton where she attended Brighton Adventist Academy and met her husband, Josué. Prior to attending Boulder Church, she was active in youth ministries as a pathfinder and master guide. Most recently, she served as the Sub-director for the Rocky Mountain Stallions Pathfinder Club in Denver, CO. Her professional background is in medical billing and coding which led her to a role as an ophthalmic assistant and surgery scheduler. When the opportunity to be the finance manager at Boulder Church arrived, Stephanie saw it as an opportunity to give back to her church and cultivate long-lasting relationships.


Stephanie and Josué have three boys who are full of energy. The Hernández López family love the outdoors and enjoy spending time in nature.

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