When we recognize that we need each other. When we recognize that the strongest way forward has always been with the support of others. We understand that called men, are men who understand to love God and to love humanity is the greatest and hardest call. To submit to God to submit to each other only makes us stronger. 

Several weeks ago, Japhet asked me to help in a lead role so along with Dalton Drane, Tom Eickmann, Bryan Wernick and Matthew West, we will be working with the Japhet and the pastoral staff to foster a meaningful movement among men in both our church and surrounding community.

As we continue on our journey as men, Called to gather together, to grow, mentor, teach and connect with each other, we are starting a new series of gatherings we’ll call Called Cafe, which will coincide on the evenings Boulder Church will have a guest speakers visiting. While the word Cafe, is usually associated with coffee or a type of restaurant, it is also known as a place where information can be exchanged. For each Called Cafe gathering, we will invite our guest speaker from earlier in the day to lead with a short message followed by a discussion as we share a meal together. 

Our next Called Cafe is May 5. Click here for full details with our guest speaker Sam Leonor. 

If you have any questions, need to talk or someone to pray with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to my cell or the email below.


Called for You,


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