Good Samaritan Fund

What is the Good Samaritan Fund?

Sometimes life gets hard. The Boulder Church believes that we are all called to be “Good Samaritans” and help our brother or sister in need (see Luke 10:25-37). As such, we have set up a Good Samaritan Fund to provide assistance to our church members, those who partner with our church (i.e., attend regularly), and those from the wider community. The policy governing the fund is based on guidance given in Scripture (e.g., I Timothy 5).


How does it work?

Each applicant must fill out the complete application form and return to the church office by any of the methods provided. It will then be forwarded to the Good Samaritan Fund Committee. Someone from the committee may contact the applicant to gather more information. Each request will be considered in a confidential* and considerate manner. The committee will weigh the nature of the need, the amount requested, whether the fund has sufficient funds, and any other relevant factors. Since many resources and programs in Boulder County offer different types of assistance, we may refer applicants to the appropriate agency or program. If the committee approves the request, a representative of the church will contact the applicant and arrange for the assistance to be provided.

*We strive to maintain the confidentiality of each applicant, but please note that for community requests (those without a connection to our church), we may share the applicant’s information with other local area churches


What types of assistance cannot be provided?

● Large medical bills
● Legal fees
● School tuition (scholarships exist to help with tuition for our church members) 
● Out-of-state assistance to those who have no connection to the church
● Wire transfers
● Cash assistance 


If you need assistance, you can apply for funds the following ways:

Google Form


To help the committee understand your situation, please be sure to include as many additional materials as possible, including but not limited to: Photo ID and any Estimates/Receipts/Bills that are related to your request.


*If you use the Google Form to apply, you can attach all necessary documentation on page 3 of the form. 

**If you use the PDF to apply, please make sure that you include all additional materials when you send the completed form to the emails listed on page 2 of the document or if you drop off the application in person. 

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