Teaching Series
Short Stories with Jesus
Barn Burner
Sam Leonor
Scholars call this the most startling story Jesus ever told. Based on Luke 12:13-21.
Recalibrate Questions
  • Imagine that a total stranger were to have shadowed you over the past week. What would that person say is most important in your life?  What would that stranger consider your most important possessions to be? What do you consider to be your most important possessions? 

  • If Jesus commented on our view of wealth today, what might he say? 

  • With what parts of the parable of the Rich Fool can you identify? What parts of the parable make you uncomfortable? 

  • Which do you think is worse—worry or greed?

  • Worry about money is often an overwhelming fear that there will not be enough for the future, while greed is an insatiable hunger for more. How can we find the right balance?

  • Why is it difficult for us to accept the fact that our life and things are temporary? 

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