The Journey - November 23, 2019

1 Peter

Teacher: Won Huh

Listen to the book of 1 Peter from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV

Peter probably wrote this letter to the Christians around 64 AD when they were starting to get persecuted under the Roman Emperor Nero. Peter wanted the Christians to stay firm in their faith knowing that their salvation was secure in Jesus Christ. Peter tells them that the upcoming persecutions are not unexpected and that suffering because of their faith made them partners with Jesus. Peter gives a pep talk on how they should act in spite of the hatred and persecution they were facing and he reminds them of what lies on the other side.

  • Does God protect His children from trials and sufferings? In what ways?
  • What does Peter advise Christians to do when faced with persecutions for their faith?
  • What allows Christians to not only endure but rejoice and have hope when sufferings or difficulties come their way?
  • As you read the letter of 1st Peter, look for how Peter had changed after he witnessed the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For example, before the cross, Peter was willing to swing his sword to save himself and others when they were in harmed. He was willing to lie and deny knowing Jesus when he was ridiculed. What was he like writing this letter after experiencing mercy, grace and love from Jesus?

If you have Amazon Prime or an old DVD or video tape of Quo Vadis, watch it this week to see what Christians were facing when Peter wrote this letter.

Outline of 1 Peter from the Today's English Version

  • Introduction (1:1-2)
  • Reminder of God’s salvation (1:3-12)
  • Exhortation to holy living (1:13 – 2:10)
  • The Christian’s responsibilities in the time of suffering (2:11 – 4:19)
  • Christian humility and service (5:1-11)
  • Conclusion (5:12-14)
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