The Journey - April 11, 2020

2 Samuel

Teacher: Stephen King

Listen to the book of 2nd Samuel from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV

The story picks up this week where David becomes king. As you read or review the book of 2nd Samuel, please think about where you intersect with that story. How does that story come to you in the context of your life and your experience? It will be a little less content oriented and more question/reflective oriented.

Short Outline of 2nd Samuel from Today's English Version

  • David’s reign over Judah (1:1 – 4:12)
  • David’s reign over all Israel (5:1 – 24:25)
    • The early years (5:1 – 10:19)
    • David and Bathsheba (11:1 – 12:25)
    • Troubles and difficulties (12:26 – 20:26)
    • The later years (21:1 – 24:25)
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