The Journey - February 22, 2020


Teacher: Ed Reifsnyder

Listen to the book of Deuteronomy from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV

Hello, companions on The Journey. Here are a few thoughts about our class discussion this coming Sabbath.

Do you think it’s true that we all perceive God differently? Well, Deuteronomy is certainly full of opportunity to find out how the Hebrews saw LORD. Look for that as you read. In our class, we will explore what the book tells us about God - or at least that God!

If you are short on time, I suggest you read first chapters 1-11. After that, if you have just a little more time, I’d suggest you read chapters 27-30. If you want to see what all the laws in the middle of the book (chapter 12-26) are about, I’d suggest you just flip through them and read your Bible's section headings. That will at least give you an overview of the subject matter.

I hope you will come prepared to engage in dialogue on this important book.



Short Outline of Numbers from Today's English Version

  • Moses’ first discourse (1:1 – 4:49)
  • Moses’ second discourse (5:1 – 26:19)
    • The Ten Commandments (5:1 – 10:22)
    • Laws, rules, and warnings (11:1 – 26:19)
  • Instructions for entering Canaan (27:1 – 28:68)
  • The covenant renewed (29:1 – 30:20)
  • Moses’ last words (31:1 – 33:29)
  • The death of Moses (34:1-12)
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