The Journey - July 18, 2020

Intertestamental Period

Teacher: Mark Johnson

Next week, we're talking about the intertestamental period between the Old Testament and the New Testament. We often forget how long this period was. It was basically 400 years, which is like from the landing on Plymouth Rock to this year. That is a huge period of time and it is not a quiet period of time. We have writings from that period of time. I would encourage you to find and read some apocryphal books, particularly the history books that talk about what was going on in the intertestamental period to help set the scene of how the country was prepared or not prepared when Christ came. During this time the synogogues were set up and they got rid of idolatry. All throughout the Old Testament, that had been a problem for them, but when Christ came they were not idolators in the traditional way of thinking of idolatry. Were they really still idolators though they didn't have graven images? What were the people like when Christ came and why? The intertestamental period helps us set that picture.

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