The Journey - July 25, 2020


Teacher: Gordy Gates

As you read the book of James, think about why Luther didn't find this book very valuable. Also, look at it from the perspective of if you were Jesus' half-brother, is this what you would have said if you had 5 chapters to relay your experience and your perspective of Jesus' life?

We're going to explore some of the ideas of Luther's rejection of this book and look at what this book is saying about our faith and our acts, and the key relationship between the two.

Listen to the book of James from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV

Short Outline of the Book of James from the Today's English Version:

  • Introduction (1:1)
  • Faith and wisdom (1:2-8)
  • Poverty and wealth (1:9-11)
  • Testing and tempting (1:12-18)
  • Hearing and doing (1:19-27)
  • Warning against discrimination (2:1-13)
  • Faith and works (2:14-26)
  • The Christian and his tongue (3:1-18)
  • The Christian and the world (4:1 – 5:6)
  • Various instructions (5:7-20)
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