The Journey - December 5, 2020


Teacher: Ed Reifsnyder

Our study of John next Sabbath will focus on four things:

  1. John is a shift away from the tone of the other gospels, away from Jewishness to a Gentile tone.
  2.  Chapter 1 is an entry into the debate that lasted centuries about the nature of Jesus and the Trinity.
  3. The terms “believe” and “belief" are dominant in John.
  4. The use of rhe term “love” is frequent.

I suggest it would enhance our discussion if you researched all the uses of “believe” and “love” in John, and be prepared to share your thoughts about the use of those words with the class. 

Happy reading!

Listen to the book of John from BibleGateway: ESVKJVMSGNIV

Outline of John from the Today's English Version

  • Prologue (1:1-18)
  • John the Baptist and the first disciples of Jesus (1:19-51)
  • Jesus’ public ministry (2:1 – 12:50)
  • The last days in and near Jerusalem (13:1 – 19:42)
  • The resurrection and appearances of the Lord (20:1-31)
  • Epilogue: another appearance in Galilee (21:1-25)
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