The Journey - March 7, 2020


Teacher: Gordy Gates

Listen to the book of Joshua from BibleGateway: ESVKJVMSGNIV

Divine Presence Amid Violence.

Yes, the book of Joshua is a difficult text. One reaction to its reading could range from one of the following statements.

  • I am embarrassed that this book is in the Bible at all.
  • This book defies every sense that God is fair and just.
  • I think one should avoid reading this book.
  • I think that there is a lot of hyperbole in these stories.
  • Was there not a better way to take over the land of Canaan?

We cannot let the problems within the book of Joshua destroy our view of God. We need to make sense of this divinely appointed conquest. Please join us next Sabbath as we take on the challenge of not only reading the 24 chapters of Joshua, but addressing the major issues associated with the conquest of Canaan. Also, as you read the book of Joshua, please look for God's mercy on the Canaanite people and how might we understand this OT warfare called "Holy War".

Short Outline of Joshua from Today's English Version

  • The conquest of Canaan (1:1 - 12:24).
  • The division of the land (13:1 – 21:45)
    • The land east of the Jordan (13:1-33)
    • The land west of the Jordan (14:1 – 19:51)
    • The cities of refuge (20:1-9)
    • The cities of the Levites (21:1-45)
  • The eastern tribes return to their territory (22:1-34)
  • Joshua’s farewell address (23:1-16)
  • The covenant renewed at Shechem (24:1-33)
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