The Journey - December 26, 2020

Second Testament Summary

Teacher: Mark Johnson

The New Testament is basically a response to the Old Testament and the Old Testament has themes that point forward to the New Testament - the the Messianic themes, the the sacrificial system themes, the whole idea of where sin came from and how it's going to be dealt with. And the New Testament then answers those questions - at least it is supposed to answer those questions. The New Testament is focused on the life of Christ pointing forward to the death of Christ, and then pointing back to the death of Christ. Next week we're going to focus a lot on what happened:

  • What really happened at the cross?
  • What were the questions that were answered?
  • What were the reasons that Christ had to die if he had to die?
  • And what does that death tell us about the character of God?

If you have an opportunity, really focus on the cross next week, because I think that is the culmination and the primary point of the New Testament. 

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