The Journey - February 15, 2020


Teacher: Dee Briggs

Listen to the book of Numbers from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV

Please try to read or listen to all of Numbers while paying special attention to:

  1. Numbers 12. In verse 11, Aaron said, “Please . . . do not hold against us the sin we have so foolishly committed.” What sin do you think they committed? Do you think Miriam had to go through the cleansing of the leper ceremony, as described in Leviticus 14? What picture of God does this incident reveal to you?
  2. Numbers 13 and 14. Please record (or remember) your reaction to this story about the twelve spies. Where do you think you would fit in this narrative?
  3. Numbers 22—26. Again, please record (or remember) your thoughts and questions regarding these chapters about Balaam and Balak, and especially your thoughts about the character of God.

Here is a link to an animated overview of Numbers:

Short Outline of Numbers from Today's English Version

  • The Israelites prepare to leave Mount Sinai (1:1 – 9:23)
    • The first census (1:1 – 4:49)
    • Various laws and rules (5:1 – 8:26)
    • The second Passover (9:1 – 21:35)
  • From Mount Sinai to Moab (10:1 – 21:35)
  • Summary of the journey from Egypt to Moab (33:1-49)
  • Instructions before crossing the Jordan (33:50 – 36:13)
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