The Journey - July 11, 2020

Old Testament Summary

Teacher: Won Huh

This week, we'll take a look at the Old Testament from two different angles. First, we'll look at the common thread that ties the Old Testament  together – the theme of the coming Messiah.

Next, we'll look for the character of God as shown through your favorite Old Testament characters. As a homework exercise, pick your favorite Old Testament character, read the chapters concerning that character and imagine him/her as your grandparent. What would he/she tell you if you asked, “Grandpa/Grandma, tell me what God is like”? You can be creative and think of what they would tell you, or find a quote from the Old Testament what they would say about God.

For a quick review of the Old Testament, watch these short videos on YouTube:

A good place to read about the theme of the coming Messiah is Prophets and Kings, Chapter 58: The Coming of a Deliverer, or click here to listen to an audio version.

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