The Journey - September 19, 2020


Teacher: Darrell Rott

Listen to the book of Romans from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV

Why talk about chocolate when you can eat it? Romans is the sweetest and most delicious book in my Bible. Why just talk about it when we can digest what it has to say? We will not take a lot of time talking about this masterpiece of Paul. Rather, we will focus on what it has to say.

Here are three short paragraphs from the introduction to Romans in my study Bible that will give us a good introduction to the book:

“The apostle Paul was intelligent, articulate, and committed to his calling. Like a skillful lawyer, he presented the case for the Gospel clearly and forthrightly in his letter to the believers in Rome.

Paul had heard of the church at Rome, but he had never been there, nor had any of the other apostles. Evidently the church had been started by Jews who had come to faith during Pentecost (Acts 2). They had spread the gospel on their return to Rome, and the church had grown.

Although many barriers separated them, Paul felt a bond with these believers in Rome. They were his brothers and sisters in Christ, and he longed to see them face to face. He had never met most of the believers there, yet he loved them. He sent this letter to introduce himself and to make a clear declaration of the faith.”

Here is your homework in preparation for next week’s study:

  1. Read the whole book of Romans in one sitting.
  2. Read each section separately. Like a great piece of classical music, Romans can be divided into four movements of four chapters each. (Romans 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16.)
  3. Read specific texts. Make a list of at least three to six per topic. 
    1. Attributes and Characteristics of God
    2. Favorite passages
    3. Troublesome passages

Here are some themes to think about while you are reading through Romans:

  1. Important people referred to in Romans:
    1. Adam
    2. Abraham
    3. David
    4. Jesus
  2. Worship (God versus idols)
  3. Sins and evil powers
  4. Law and works
  5. Personal salvation
  6. Grace, faith, and love
  7. Ethical living

Enjoy and tune in next week, ready to discuss your thoughts and questions.

Short Outline of the Book of Romans from the Today's English Version:

  • Introduction and theme (1:1-17)
  • Man’s need of salvation (1:18 – 3:20)
  • God’s way of salvation (3:21 – 4:25)
  • The new life in Christ (5:1 – 8:39)
  • Israel in the plan of God (9:1 – 11:36)
  • Christian conduct (12:1 – 15:13)
  • Conclusion and personal greetings (15:14 – 16:27)
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