The Journey - April 24, 2021

2 Chronicles

Teacher: Dee Briggs

  • Please read or listen to 2 Chronicles and bring one question to class, or one point that was especially interesting to you.
  • There is only one reference to the prophet Elijah in 2 Chronicles—he wrote a letter to King Jehoram of Judah. Please read this letter (21:12-15) in its context and give some thought to these questions:
    • Are there any other writings of Elijah?
    • If Elijah was a prophet specifically sent to the kingdom of Israel in the north, why does he write to the king of Judah in the south?
    • In the books of Kings, the timeline indicates Elijah was already translated by the time Jehoram of Judah became king so, where do you think the Elijah letter came from? Was it dictated by Elijah earlier? Are these “chronicles” out of order? Elijah and Elisha always brought their messages in person so why did Elijah write a letter?
  • Read Isaiah 44:24-45:7 and 2 Chronicles 36:22-23; Isaiah wrote in the 700’s BC. Cyrus wrote his proclamation regarding Jerusalem in 538 BC. Many Bible experts have a problem with this.
    • What do you think?
    • God called Cyrus His shepherd; would you say Cyrus was a “type of Christ?”

See you next week!

Dee Briggs

Listen to the book of 2 Chronicles from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV, NKJV

Short Outline of 2 Chronicles from Today's English Version

  • The reign of Solomon (1:1 – 9:31)
    • The early years (1:1-17)
    • The Temple is built (2:1 – 7:10)
    • The later years (7:11 – 9:31)
  • The revolt of the northern tribes (10:1-19)
  • The kings of Judah (11:1 – 36:12)
  • The fall of Jerusalem (36:13-23)
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