The Journey - June 19, 2021

Isaiah 29 - 66

Teacher: Mark Johnson

Next week we will continue and finish the book of Isaiah. The last part of the book is really the beautiful part. It truly does get into a message of hope; it is very Messianic in many places - at least I believe so. As you read through you can see if you believe so. I would like you to follow the journey of the servant in the book and decide whether you believe that is Messianic or not. 

It also has the destruction of Sennacherib and since we're all poets here, I'm sure you’ve all read Lord Byron's “The Assyrians came down like a wolf on the fold and his cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold,” etc. That story is in 36 and 37 which is a very interesting story. I've always liked the text that says “the men woke up the next day and they were all dead men.” 

We also have the Hezekiah story, the story of Hezekiah being very foolish and showing all his riches to the ambassadors from Babylon. It kind of makes me wonder sometimes if we as an Adventist Church sometimes brag about ourselves too much instead of the God who has made us blessed. 

Then finally, I'd like you to think about all of the times that Jesus quoted from Isaiah and how that fits into the story of the Servant and how it fits into the life of Christ. 

Listen to the book of Isaiah from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV, NKJV

Short Outline of the Book of Isaiah from the English Standard Version:

  • Warnings and promises (1:1 – 12:6)
  • Punishment of other nations (13:1 – 23:18)
  • God’s judgment of the world (24:1 – 27:13)
  • Further warnings and promises (28:1 – 35:10)
  • King Hezekiah of Judah and the Assyrians (36:1 – 39:8)
  • Messages of promise and hope (40:1 – 55:13)
  • Warnings and promises (56:1 – 66:24)

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