The Journey - March 6, 2021


Teacher: Rebecca Murdock

The book of Joshua is the story of the Israelites finally becoming established in their new land. They have transitioned leadership from Moses to Joshua, and seem to be taking the law of God more seriously in their lives. Here are some interesting themes to notice as you read this week:

  • The bookmarks of the phrase “Be Strong and Courageous.” God must say it to Joshua at the beginning of the book, when Joshua is still timid in his leadership. By the end of the book, Joshua is confidently telling the people to “Be Strong and Courageous."
  • The role of the Memorial Stones at the border, helping the people remember what God has brought them through. Also representing a memorial that they would have to pass by if they despaired from hardship and tried to return to Egyptian life.
  • The reading of topics in Joshua as organized thematically, not always chronologically.
  • The standard of belonging among the Israelite family, as it begins to shift from an acceptance based on genetics, to an acceptance based on a standard of faithfulness to God. By this standard, Rahab is now in, and Achan is now out. 
  • The emphasis of the Israelites’ commitment and re-commitment to the Covenant. It’s now thing to commit when dependent in the desert. Joshua gives them a true opportunity to exercise free will, now that they are established in their land.  

Looking forward to having some good discussion and hearing what YOU found interesting in the book! See you next Sabbath!


Listen to the book of Joshua from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV, NKJV

Short Outline of Joshua from Today's English Version

  • The conquest of Canaan (1:1 - 12:24).
  • The division of the land (13:1 – 21:45)
    • The land east of the Jordan (13:1-33)
    • The land west of the Jordan (14:1 – 19:51)
    • The cities of refuge (20:1-9)
    • The cities of the Levites (21:1-45)
  • The eastern tribes return to their territory (22:1-34)
  • Joshua’s farewell address (23:1-16)
  • The covenant renewed at Shechem (24:1-33)
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