The Journey - July 16, 2022


Teacher: Won Huh

While Jeremiah was prophesying to the Jews in Jerusalem, Ezekiel was doing the same for the exiles in Babylon. His message was about the upcoming fall of Jerusalem and then the promise of restoration of God’s people and the city. The Jews continued their rebellious ways even after the two deportations prompting God’s glory to leave the temple along with His protection of the city.

  • So, how does God feel about the rebellion and the impending doom? Ezekiel gives a graphic analogy using human emotions of love and betrayal.
  • Ezekiel quotes God many times in the book saying “for my name’s sake” and “they will know that I am the Lord.”
    • Why is God so concerned about His reputation?
    • What does God want us to know about Him?
  • Look for the promise and hope of restoration. What is that restoration dependent on?

Listen to the book of Ezekiel from BibleGateway: ESVKJVMSGNIVNKJV

Outline of the Book of Ezekiel from Wiersbe's Expository Outlines:

  • The Ordination of the Prophet (1 - 3)
  • The Condemnation of Judah (4 - 24)
    • A disobedient nation (4 - 7)
    • A departed glory (8 - 11)
    • A disciplined nation (12 - 24)
  • The Condemnation of the Gentile Nations (25 - 32)
  • The Restoration of God's People (33 - 48)
    • They return to their land (33 - 36)
    • They experience new life and unity (37)
    • They are protected from their enemies (38 - 39)
    • They worship the Lord acceptably (40 - 48)
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