The Journey - January 8, 2022

Genesis 1 - 11

Teacher: Mark Johnson

Next week we are starting all over again starting with Genesis Chapters 1 - 11. It's the beginning of all things. I would like you to think about

  • Why do we as Adventists hold so tightly to the recent 7 day or 6 day creation belief that we have?
  • What does creation tell us about God?
  • We begin to have sin in these chapters. What is sin?
  • What is the underlying concept of the whole great controversy which we begin to see in the first few chapters of Genesis?

If you see anything else that is of great importance, please bring it.

We'll talk about creation, the beginning of sin, and the great controversy that helps set the stage for the whole Bible.

Listen to the book of Genesis from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV, NKJV

Short Outline of the Book of Genesis from the Today's English Version:

  • Creation of the universe and of mankind (1:1 – 2:25)
  • The beginning of sin and suffering (3:1-24)
  • From Adam To Noah (4:1 – 5:32)
  • Noah and the flood (6:1 – 10:32)
  • The tower of Babylon (11:1-9)
  • From Shem to Abram (11:10-32)
  • The patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (12:1 – 35:29)
  • The descendants of Esau (36:1-43)
  • Joseph and his brothers (37:1 – 45:28)
  • The Israelites in Egypt (46:1 – 50:26)


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