The Journey - March 23, 2019

2nd Kings

Teacher: Won Huh

Listen to the book of 2nd Kings from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV

In the Book of 2nd Kings, the divided kingdoms of Israel in the north and Judah in the south struggle under the leadership of mostly evil kings and eventually fall. Look for the picture of God through these stories of kings, a queen and prophets.

Some questions and thoughts for this week:

  • Is God trustworthy?
  • Why did so many kings of Israel and Judah have hard time trusting God?
  • God does not give up easily. He reaches out again and again, wanting for us to return.
  • God is quick to forgive, but consequences of our actions can be devastating and long lasting.
  • What was so enticing about idol worship that made kings risk everything - their life, family and kingdom? What are the analogs today?
  • Who do you trust? Why?

I will focus on the stories of Kng Hezekiah and his son, King Manasseh. Chapters 18-20.

Short Outline of 2 Kings from Today's English Version

  • The divided kingdom (1:1 – 17:41)
    • The prophet Elisha (1:1 – 8:15)
    • The kings of Judah and of Israel (8:16 – 17:4)
    • The fall of Samaria (17:5-41)
  • The kingdom of Judah (18:1 – 21:26)
    • From Hezekiah to Josiah (18:1 – 21:26)
    • Josiah’s reign (22:1 – 23:30)
    • The last kings of Judah (23:31 – 24:20)
    • The fall of Jerusalem (25:1-30)
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