The Journey - May 4, 2019

Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes

Teacher: Dee Briggs

Song of Songs

There is a great deal of disagreement about many things regarding Song of Songs. Is it an allegory, a way to relate deep spiritual truth with no real places or people or truth of its own—an extended metaphor? Or, is it simply a poetic testimony of real human hopes and dreams, feelings and desires—true love as God intended in the beginning? Or, is it something else, such as a drama meant to be sung or acted out? Or perhaps an Old Testament “type” foreshadowing a New Testament truth? Even now, none of the experts can agree.

  • What would be missing from God’s revelation of Himself to us if we did not have Song of Songs in our Bibles?
  • Why do you think so many songs are written about Jesus as the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley—phrases found only in Song of Songs and referring to a beautiful country girl?
  • Do you think sexuality is sinful?

Listen to the book of Song of Songs from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV

Short Outline of the Book of Song of Songs from the Skip Heitzig:

  • The Engagement (1:1 - 3:5)
  • The Wedding (3:6 - 5:1)
  • The Marriage (5:2 - 8:14)


Ecclesiastes simply means teacher or preacher, and that is Solomon’s role in this book as he shared wisdom on the meaning of life. He wove several themes together in an overlapping collage which is very arty and clever and serves for effective reasoning but makes an outline very difficult!

It is thought that Song of Songs reflects Solomon’s early years and Proverbs his mid-life while Ecclesiastes was written in his old age after realizing and repenting of truly phenomenal foolishness.

  • Since there is abundant, obvious truth in Ecclesiastes, why do you think so many people question what the teacher/preacher said about death in 9:5-6 and 12:7?
  • Can we choose which parts of the teacher/preacher’s counsel to accept or not accept, or is it a case of all or nothing?

Listen to the book of Ecclesiastes from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV

Short Outline of the Book of Ecclesiastes from Today's English Version:

  • Life is useless (1:1-12)
  • The Philosopher’s experience (1:13 – 2:26)
  • A time for everything (3:1-15)
  • Injustice in the world (3:16 – 4:16)
  • Don’t make rash promises (5:1-7)
  • Life is useless (5:8 – 6:12)
  • Thoughts about life (7:1 – 8:1)
  • Obey the king (8:2-8)
  • The wicked and the righteous (8:9 – 9:12)
  • Thoughts on wisdom and foolishness (9:13 – 10:20)
  • What a wise man does (11:1-8)
  • Advice to young people (11:9 – 12:8)
  • The summing up (12:9-14)
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