The Journey - January 26, 2019


Teacher: Gordy Gates

Listen to the Book of Exodus from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV

"The story of Israel's flight from Egypt is the most important in the Hebrew Bible." William Propp

As you read the Book of Exodus this week, please keep in mind the following questions.

Theological Question
          How does God appear to you in the Book of Exodus?
Historical Question
          Does antisemitism have its origin in the Book of Exodus?
Personal Question
          How does one apply the "Lessons of Exodus" after this study?

Additional Questions / Observations

  • What new ideas does Exodus introduce to the ancient world?
  • Exodus begins with forgetting. Notice how exodus then proceeds to emphasis remembering throughout the book.
  • The Hebrew midwives are named in the Book of Exodus. Why is the Pharaoh of the Exodus not named?
  • The Hebrew midwives lied to Pharaoh? Is this demonstrating that it is OK to lie sometimes?
  • What character traits does Moses possess that makes him the right man to lead Israel out of Egypt?
  • What are 3 reasons for the plagues in Egypt?
  • Are you troubled by the 10th plague? Who does the killing?
  • A lamb was sacrificed by the Hebrews in the last plague. Why a lamb?
  • Exodus 15:3 describes God as a "Man of war." How does one reconcile this description with the concept of God is love?
  • Hitler said "We are fighting against the most ancient curse that humanity has brought upon itself. Against the so-called Ten Commandments, against them we are fighting." Why would he have said this?
  • Why does God go into such detail in His instructions for the Tabernacle?
  • The priesthood for the Tabernacle came down through the descendants of Aaron who was a Levite. What might be the benefits of a hereditary priesthood?

Short Outline of Exodus from Today's English Version

  • The Israelites set free from Egypt (1:1 – 15:21)
    • Slaves in Egypt (1:1-22)
    • Moses’ birth and early life (2:1 – 4:31)
    • Moses and Aaron confront the king of Egypt (5:1 – 11:10)
    • The Passover and the departure from Egypt (12:1 – 15:21)
  • From the Red Sea to Mount Sinai (15:22 – 18:27)
  • The Law and the covenant (19:1 – 24:18)
  • The Covenant Tent and instructions for worship (25:1 – 40:38)
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