The Journey - November 16, 2019


Teacher: Dee Briggs

Listen to the book of Hebrews from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV

Much has been said about the high class, polished Greek that was utilized in writing this epistle. Also, if you know Greek, you will recognize the alliteration and other methods that give this letter great aural appeal, suggesting it was meant to be read aloud and listened to, delivered as spoken word in some manner.

So in preparation for next week please read Hebrews aloud: to yourself, or taking turns with another, or listening to a recording of some kind. See above for links to listen to the book of Hebrews from BibleGateway. The whole reading will take about 45 minutes, depending on the Bible version you choose.

More time?

  • Check the context of at least some of the numerous references to psalms and other scriptures.
  • What do you think the author was saying about God's rest in chapter 4, and how we should "be diligent to enter that rest" (verse 11)?
  • Why do you think the author quotes Jeremiah 31:33 in Hebrews 8:10 correctly as: "I will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts," but in Hebrews 10:16 he says, "I will put My laws into their hearts and in their minds I will write them." Why the intentional reversal?

See you next week!

Dee Briggs

Outline of Hebrews from the Today's English Version

  • Introduction: Christ the complete revelation of God (1:1-3)
  • Christ’s superiority over the angels (1:4 – 2:18)
  • Christ’s superiority over Moses and Joshua (3:1 – 4:13)
  • The superiority of Christ’s priesthood (4:14 – 7:28)
  • The superiority of Christ’s covenant (8:1 – 9:28)
  • The superiority of Christ’s sacrifice (10:1-39)
  • The primacy of faith (11:1 – 12:29)
  • Pleasing God (13:1-19)
  • Closing prayer (13:20-21)
  • Final words (13:22-25)
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