The Journey - May 11, 2019


Teacher: Won Huh

Isaiah is called the Shakespeare of prophets. He is quoted more often by the New Testament authors than any other prophets. Many lyrics to hymns, gospels and sacred songs come from the Book of Isaiah, including those from the Handel’s Messiah.

The Book of Isaiah is like a miniature Bible; it contains creation, great controversy, the nation of Israel, the birth of Jesus, His ministry, His suffering, His second coming, all the way to the new heaven and new earth. Chapters 1-39 are like the Old Testament and focus on Israel before and during the exile. Chapters 40-66 are like the New Testament and focus on the Messiah and the return from the exile.

You will recognize many famous verses of comfort, hope, redemption and salvation, but you will be surprised with the surrounding verses often filled with dire warnings, destruction and condemnation. As you read the Book of Isaiah, pay attention to the section headings - they will help you understand the context. Also, keep your “spiritual bifocals” on as you read the Book of Isaiah. The prophecies apply to the local times and events as well as into the future to the Messiah and His 2nd coming.

The warnings and destructions are the results of Israel’s sin and mistrust in God, but interspersed with these are words of love, redemption, forgiveness and salvation. Isaiah knew God’s people would go through hard times but wanted them to have hope of salvation and glory that were sure to come.

Please come and share your favorite verses from the Book of Isaiah.

Listen to the book of Isaiah from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV

Short Outline of the Book of Isaiah from Skip Heitzig:

  • Prophecies of Condemnation (1 - 39)
    • Denunciation of Judah (1 - 12)
    • Vengeance on Enemies (13 - 23)
    • Isaiah's Apocalypse (24 - 27)
    • Warnings for Judah and Israel (28 - 35)
    • Assault on Assyria (36 - 39)
  • Prophecies of Consolation (40 - 66)
    • Israel's Salvation (40 - 48)
    • Israel's Savior (49 - 57)
    • Israel's Splendor (58 - 66)
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