The Journey - February 23, 2019

Joshua and Judges

Teacher: Dee Briggs

On February 23 our topic will be the books of Joshua and Judges. There are some fabulous stories in both of these books, besides all the historical details regarding entering and settling the long-awaited Promised Land. Don’t miss reading about the Fall of Jericho, and later, how and why Joshua prayed for the sun to stand still. Then in Judges you’ll find quite a variety of heroes and heroines. Please pray for God’s character to be revealed to you in the here and now as you read about these long-ago happenings.

Here are a few questions which we will talk about in our connect group on the 23rd:

  • Can you find some similarities between Joshua and Moses?
  • What does the name Joshua mean? Can you find a New Testament name with a similar meaning?
  • How would you define the word “judge” as found in the Book of Judges?
  • Do you see a repeating 3-4 part cycle, from despair to deliverance, in the Book of Judges? What would you name the various parts of the cycle?
  • Do you think there’s a limit to God’s deliverance?


Listen to the book of Joshua from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV

Short Outline of Joshua from Today's English Version

  • The conquest of Canaan (1:1 – 12:24)
  • The division of the land (13:1 – 21:45)
    • The land east of the Jordan (13:1-33)
    • The land west of the Jordan (14:1 – 19:51)
    • The cities of refuge (20:1-9)
    • The cities of the Levites (21:1-45)
  • The eastern tribes return to their territory (22:1-34)
  • Joshua’s farewell address (23:1-16)
  • The covenant renewed at Shechem (24:1-33)


Listen to the book of Judges from BibleGateway: ESV, KJV, MSG, NIV

Short Outline of Judges from Today's English Version

  • Events up to the death of Joshua (1:1 – 2:10)
  • The judges of Israel (2:11 – 16:31)
  • Various incidents (17:1 – 21:25)
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