The Journey - June 29, 2019

Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah

Teacher: Won Huh

The Books of Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah pronounce judgements on Nineveh, Judah, Babylon and the surrounding nations and describe the destruction that will come upon them if they continue in their sinful ways.

The Book of Nahum is a sequel to the Book of Jonah, prophesying the destruction of Nineveh. It’s a book that Jonah would have loved to have written.

The Book of Habakkuk gets to the heart of theodicy – the question of why a good, all-powerful and all-knowing God permits evil. God has a surprising answer for Habakkuk.

Zephaniah was the prophet of the 11th hour prophesying the fall of Jerusalem, but ends his book with the rejoicing in God’s future deliverance of His people.

Some questions to think about as you read these books:

  • Why does Nahum describe God as a jealous and avenging God?
  • Is that the Old Testament view of God that turns people away from Christianity?
  • How can God be loving and merciful if the above is true?
  • What picture of God do you see in these books?
  • What visions of God did the prophets see that sealed their trust in God?


Listen to the book of Nahum from BibleGateway: ESVKJVMSGNIV

Short Outline of the Book of Nahum from Today's English Version:

  • Judgment on Nineveh (1:1-15)
  • The fall of Nineveh (2:1 – 3:19)


Listen to the book of Habakkuk from BibleGateway: ESVKJVMSGNIV

Short Outline of the Book of Habakkuk from Today's English Version:

  • Habakkuk’s complaints and the Lord’s replies (1:1 – 2:4)
  • Doom on the unrighteous (2:5-20)
  • Habakkuk’s prayer (3:1-19)


Listen to the book of Zephaniah from BibleGateway: ESVKJVMSGNIV

Short Outline of the Book of Zephaniah from Today's English Version:

  • The day of the Lord’s judgment (1:1 0 2:3)
  • The doom of Israel’s neighbors (2:4-15)
  • Jerusalem’s doom and redemption (3:1-20)
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