Teaching Series
The Gospel: It's Not About . . .
. . . Health
Tom Eickmann
Matthew 6:33 says, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you." The sermon this week is on health. Most people probably think of food and clothing as the "all these things" since they are mentioned directly before verse 33. I believe peace (not being anxious - verses 25-34), joy (giving or laying up treasure in heaven), and health (what shall we eat, drink, wear?) are included in "these things shall be added unto you." Seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness will ted to bring with it a healthy lifestyle, along with joy and peace through focusing on what is important—Jesus.
Recalibrate Questions
  • How can one "seek the Kingdom of God" in today's busy world?

  • Why does a relatively small Protestant denomination spend so much of its limited resources on providing the largest Protestant parochial healthcare system in the world?

  • Do we as a church get a very good "return on investment" for our expenditures in healthcare?

  • With all the "truth" we have about health and healthcare, how do we fit it into the main mission of the church?

  • Can we still be as patient as the early Adventists were in allowing individuals to make changes in their lives?

  • What is today's version of "extending the healing ministry of Christ?"

  • Would we be wise to step away from healthcare and focus instead on the "real" mission of the church?

  • Healthcare is a multi-billion dollar business. Shouldn't we be using that money instead to preach our unique doctrines and the simple message of Christ as our risen Savior?

  • What habits do I have that may be keeping me from the level of health that God wants?

  • How does health and healthcare help us see the character of God?

  • How are we as a church revealing the character of God to the world?

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