Teaching Series
The Gospel: It's Not About . . .
. . . the Sabbath
Mark Johnson
Jesus intentionally and persistently emphasized the meaning of the Sabbath. In His society, there was no question as to the validity of the Sabbath, but the meaning of the Sabbath had to a large degree been lost in the rules and regulations that were formulated by the rabbis in the inter-testament period. Christ went out of His way to "break" their rules and point them back to the central meaning of the day. We as Adventists have been very intentional and persistent in our support of the validity of the seventh-day Sabbath, but we have spend much less time and though on conveying the meaning of the Sabbath. This has been detrimental to our mission and has blunted our impact in the world.
Recalibrate Questions
  • Do I focus more on the validity of the Sabbath, or the meaning of the Sabbath?

  • What would Christ think of some of our Sabbath "rules" today?

  • In "breaking" the Sabbath, what was Jesus trying to tell His nation?

  • What is He trying to tell us?

  • Is the Sabbath a time of "planned intimacy" with our God, or an arbitrary test of our obedience?

  • How does the Sabbath answer the questions that were raised in the Great Controversy?

  • Does the phrase "the law of liberty" resonate with you? Why or why not?

  • Can fulfilling the law be so "simple" as just loving?

  • When you were given the rules were you somehow able to see that the Landlord was very, very kind?

  • How can one learn to see the Sabbath as a "delight"?

  • Our human nature rebels against anyone telling us what we should do. How can we learn to love the Law of God?

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