Teaching Series
Iki Taimi
Special guest speaker Iki Taimi will begin a new sermon series, Sinners, with a sermon titled “United” and based on Romans 6:1-14. Iki is the lead pastor at Gardena Genesis Community Church—a congregation that he planted in the Southern California Conference (SCC). He has a deep passion for young adults and creative ministries and serves as the SCC’s chairperson for Young Adult and Senior Youth Ministries and co-founded the secular collegiate min- istry C3. He is married to Melanie and they have two beautiful children, Mikayla and Lio. Iki loves people, food, and Jesus. Iki will also join the Open Word Connect Group which meets in the sanctuary at 11:00 a.m.
Recalibrate Questions
  • What is the implication of freedom from sin? How does it translate into your everyday living?

  • How are you living your life today, in light of your citizenship in Christ and His Kingdom?

  • What challenges do you face when you pivot from a privatized faith to a communal faith?

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