Teaching Series
Japhet De Oliveira
Senior Pastor Japhet De Oliveira will conclude the sermon series, Sinners, with a sermon titled “Wretched” and based on Romans 7:13–25. Pastor Japhet has served Boulder Adventist Church since 2014, arriving on January 2 after an icy drive across Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska. Japhet is a British subject and has been a U.S. resident since 2006 when he began working as chaplain at Andrews University in Michigan. His mother is from the French-speaking African island of Mauritius located in the Indian Ocean. His father is from the south of Brazil. Japhet can speak conversational Portuguese in emergencies and sometimes just for fun.
Recalibrate Questions

Who is the “person” in Romans 7:13-25?
    a. Pre-follower of Jesus
    b. Follower of Jesus
    c. Metaphor for Israel 
    d. Followers without the Holy Spirit
    e. All of the above

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