Teaching Series
Ruth 3-4

Series: Ruthless
Message: Redefining the Status Quo
Preacher: Jessyka Albert

Refresh: Open with prayer. Read or listen to Psalm 37:7-11.

Read: Ruth 3 - As you read in the ESV translation, what did you discover new about God’s character?

Reflect: If you have not already noticed, the book of Ruth puts power in the hands of women. In his book, The Flame of Yahweh, Richard M. Davidson explains it this way about the book of Ruth: Women shape their story by bold plans and actions. Ruth and Naomi are women of creative initiative and independence, agents of change and challenge, while functioning within the norms of a patriarchal society. The significance of the bold and         assertive actions of Ruth and Naomi are highlighted in bold relief against the backdrop of the “ruthless” era” of the judges (277).

In these six verse of Ruth, we see the well thought through, strategic mind of Naomi along with the obedience and courage of Ruth. Ruth is not one to sit around for everything to fall into place on its own, she is an action taker. She is ruthless in redefining her place in history. No longer will she be defined as a Moabite widow, but as a strong, obedient woman of God. She will not remain paralyzed by grief or fear, but rather goes where she is told to go.

In these verses, we do not find God speaking directly to Ruth commanding her to go to Boaz, but rather we see him speaking through Naomi. The plans of God are revealed to a woman through a woman. And through the obedience of Ruth, the story of salvation presses on.


  1. What is paralyzing you this week?
  2. Who is God speaking through in your life?

Respond: Pray for courage.  

Research: What are some of the main reasons the era of the judges was considered “ruthless?”

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