Teaching Series
Lost Plot
Ecclesiastes 12

Series: Lost Plot  
Message: Seeking Meaning & Purpose this New Year 
Preacher: David Smith

Refresh: Open with prayer. Read of listen to Psalm 46:6-11.

Read: Ecclesiastes 12 - As you read in the ESV translation, note 1-3 insights/questions that arise. 

Reflect: While the name of Solomon is never once mentioned in the text, the traditional view is that he is the author of Ecclesiastes as identified in both the Greek Septuagint and the Targum. If his authorship is accepted, looking at Solomon’s life broadens ones view of the the book. Solomon after all, spent most of his life trusting in his own wisdom rather than following God’s word. 

On page 349 of The Teacher’s Commentary, Lawrence O. Richards notes the clear ways in which Solomon rejected God’s counsel. While God instructed that the king should not take many wives, accumulate large amounts of silver and gold, or build a large stable of horses (Deuteronomy 17:16-17), that’s exactly what Solomon did.

While Solomon was undoubtedly blessed with great wisdom (I Kings 3) it appears as though Solomon began to trust in his own wisdom far more than God’s spoken word. Ecclesiastes shows Solomon in his last years questioning those choices made and using that same wisdom to return to the necessity of following God. 


  1. In what ways are you tempted to trust in your own wisdom and knowledge over God’s word? 
  2. In what way can you live out your trust in God today? 

Respond: Pray for a heart open to God’s leading and instruction in your life.

Research: Read through the story of Solomon (I Kings 1-11). Look for the ways in which he rejected God’s counsel.

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