Teaching Series
Committed to . . .
John 10:11-21

Series: Committed 
Message: Accountability
Preacher: Japhet De Oliveira

Refresh: Open with prayer. Read of listen to Psalm 52:5-9.

Read: John 10:11-21 — As you read in the New International Version, note 1-3 insights that arise.

Reflect:  Did you notice how many times “lay down my life” or “lay down” are repeated through these verses? It is significant and intentional of Jesus, as He prepares the people for the soon reality of his death. He also includes the insight to the resurrection which they do not fully grasp. 
I wonder how many other things they heard and did not fully grasp. Which is very similar in our lives and in our communities. There are times for sure that something has to be said. That words must be spoken into another persons life. A person who  is close to you. A person that has probably already spoken good words into your own life. Yet, even when you do speak, it does not sink in. It is not fully grasped. This does not remove our accountability, it simply increases it. Patience. Time. Both factors are the same factors that God uses with us everyday. The incredible patience and the extended period of time God gives us to process who we are is the least we can do for others. 
That is why, when we hold each other accountable we need to be gracious with our expectations of change. This is not resurrection morning. It is not always in a twinkling of an eye. It could take days, weeks, months, years, decades. The promise is that you will not quit. 

Recalibrate: ​ 

  1. Who do you need to speak good words into their life?
  2. What words should be spoke into your life, and who will you give permission to do that for you?

Respond: Pray for impactful conversations today.

Research: Look up various definitions of accountability. What is your own personal definition of accountability?

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