Teaching Series
What Child Is This?
Sunday—What Child is This?

Series: What Child Is This?
Sermon: What Child Is This?
Speaker: Japhet De Oliveira
Writer: Japhet De Oliveira
Kids Sections: Jessyka Albert

Refresh: Open with prayer. Ask for the Holy Spirit to open your heart to new understanding and for God’s character to be revealed.

Read: Luke 2:22-38 in the English Standard Version (ESV). Note 1–3 insights or questions.

Reflect: We come to the final week of our Christmas series, “What Child Is This?” This also means that this is our final week of the Daily Walk exploring the nativity passages in Matthew and Luke. It seems only fitting that we should end with the element of the story in which a character waits with great anticipation for the fulfillment of the promised Messiah. This mirrors the same high point in our journey as we seek the significance of Jesus as not only our Savior, but as Redeemer of the Universe. This has to be the reason that Luke, who is meticulous about so many parts of the birth story, chose to skim over the details of the presentation of Jesus, focusing instead on the characters present.

Christmas is just a little more than one week away. Loved ones will gather together for various meals and celebrations. Most will exchange presents with family and friends. Some will give gifts as total surprises to strangers or acquaintances. Some will give gifts of service or meals to those in need. However, when the day of celebration is over—when the wrappings are recycled, the tree is packed away, the toys are cleared, the dishwasher is loaded, and the guests have left—what will you remember? What will linger? What will have changed you for the better? What will have made the difference that also makes celebration relevant—the celebration of the impossible miracle of the Incarnation? When Luke wrote his Gospel account, he had witnessed both the ascension of Jesus after the resurrection and the descent of the power of the Holy Spirit. He had seen everything that Jesus did to reconcile the world with the Trinity. He saw the shift. That end point makes Luke’s gospel laser-focused on the idea of full restoration. Full reconciliation. This is happening because of Jesus.

Recalibrate: What memory do you want to create this Christmas?

Respond: Pray for the ability to keep Jesus central in Christmas celebrations. 

Research: What Christmas family traditions create the best memories? 

Live Wonder (ages 0–3)
Welcoming a child into the world is a reminder of the incredible image of a creative God. Life seems to take off—and there isn’t always a spare moment to breathe. Take a few moments every morning or evening this week to offer a prayer of dedication over your child.

Live Adventure (ages 4–11)
God is the King of fun adventures! He has so many great plans for your life. Make a list of three adventures you would like to experience. Why do you want to go on those adventures? Pray a prayer to Jesus thanking Him for taking you on all these great adventures in life!

Live Purpose (ages 12–16) 
When was the last time you dedicated your life, or even your day, to God? What would be some of the most difficult aspects of your life to hand over to God? Why? Be bold and dedicate this day to Jesus.

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