Teaching Series
Short Stories with Jesus
Sunday—Feet Kisser

Series: Short Stories with Jesus
Message: Feet Kisser
Preacher: Jessyka Albert
Reflection: Jessyka Albert
Live Wonder: Zan Long
Live Adventure: Zan Long
Live Purpose: Vanessa Rivera 
Editor: Becky De Oliveira

Refresh: Begin with prayer. Ask for the Holy Spirit to open your heart to new understanding and for God’s character to be revealed.

Read: Luke 7:36-48 in the English Standard Version (ESV). Note 1–3 insights or questions.

Reflect: Have you ever noticed how much more likely people are to contribute to a conversation when they are hidden behind a brightly lit computer screen? It seems as if there have been many controversial subjects finding their way onto social media lately. Facebook is bombarded with posts, photos with funny captions, shared news articles, you name it. And everyone has an opinion on everything that gets posted. One problem with Facebook is that many of us have “friends” who are not really friends. They ignore the cute post about your baby or puppy but comment immediately on a “controversial” subject.

Many Facebook “friends” don’t have a moment to write a simple “Happy Birthday” message but have countless hours to waste arguing! I came to this realization through a post I had shared that had some political implications but also contained a deeper purpose: memorializing the lives of students lost in a mass shooting in Parkland, FL.

It wasn’t more than a minute or so after I posted on this topic that someone commented, ignoring the point and completely politicizing it. Many people who would never get in touch with me personally began jumping on this post and commenting back and forth with incredibly negative remarks. Within the hour, many of my actual friends began to text and private message me about this mess. One told me that they had unfriended a good chunk of the people who were commenting. “I can’t handle their constant negativity,” this friend said.

I try not to overreact to things, but honestly, I was nearly livid at both the negativity and the complete lack of empathy I saw in many of these “friends.” I was ready to unfriend them too! But this short story with Jesus gave me a reality check. While reading this story of Jesus, a sinful woman, and Simon the Pharisee, I was reminded of something extremely important: Jesus dined with everyone. I had somehow forgotten that although Jesus dined with those recognized as sinners, He also dined with the religious elite. Jesus dined with humanity, people broken in one way or another. It can be extremely easy to have empathy for the marginalized, and fill up your heart with bitterness for those who are marginalizing them. Jesus reminds me that He sees us all, He dines with us all, He loves us all as His children.

Recalibrate: Who would be the worst dinner guest for you and why? Ask yourself if Jesus would eat with this person, and what His thoughts about them likely are. Ask yourself what kind of dinner guest you would be.

Respond: Pray for a heart to see people as Jesus sees them.

Research: Pick a hot topic issue to research and find out if the Bible has anything to say about it.

Remember: “She has been forgiven of all her many sins. This is why she has shown me such extravagant love.” —Luke 7:46 (TPT)

Jessyka Albert is a graduate of Union College and a native of Washington State. She has been the associate pastor at Boulder Adventist Church since 2016. She serves over three branches of faith development, Wonder, Adventure and Purpose.

Sing “Jesus Loves the Little Children” with your child. No person is invisible to Jesus, so get to know the other children in your neighborhood. Join a playgroup or go to the park and connect in your local area.

Have your parents or teachers ever said you have to behave or speak in a certain way in a particular place? Like when you meet the queen you have to call her “Your Majesty” and only speak when she speaks to you. Jesus invites us to be who He designed us to be—Children of God—and free to talk to Him any time.


When the woman heard Jesus was going to be near, she made plans to see Him and bought an expensive perfume. When was the last time you heard someone famous was coming to town? Did you want to see them? It is easier to change plans or spend money when you want to be near someone you admire. If you found out Jesus was going to be in your town, what would you do?

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